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To Life, to Science and to Innovations

ICS2011 at ITCS, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China The title of this post “To life, to Science and to Innovations” was Silvio Micali’s toast at the second conference on Innovations in Computer Science and Silvio’s words have a good chance of becomeing the official toast of … Continue reading

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Budapest, Seattle, New Haven

Here we continue the previous post on Summer 2010 events in Reverse chronological order. Happy birthday Srac In the first week of August we celebrated Endre Szemeredi’s birthday. This was a very impressive conference. Panni, Endre’s wife, assisted by her … Continue reading

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Mabruk Elon, India, and More

I am starting this post in Jaipur. My three children are watching a movie in our Jaipur hotel room and I watch them while I begin to write this post. Hagai is in the middle of a long-planned three-month trip … Continue reading

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IPAM Workshop – Efficiency of the Simplex Method: Quo vadis Hirsch conjecture?

  Workshop at IPAM: January 18 – 21, 2011 Here is the link to the IPAM conference. 

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Midrasha Talks are Now Online

Itai Benjamini listening to Gadi Kozma There are 41 lectures from the Midrasha on Probability and Geometry: The Mathematics of Oded Schramm which are now online. Joram Lindenstrauss’s concluding lecture (click on the picture to see) Laci Lovasz More pictures … Continue reading

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Midrasha News

Our Midrasha is going very very well. There are many great talks, mostly very clear and helpful. Various different directions which interlace very nicely. Some moving new mathematical breakthroughs; very few fresh from the oven. Tomorrow is the last day. Update: I will try … Continue reading

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Midrasha Mathematicae: The Mathematics of Oded Schramm

Update: The midrasha is taking place now. After 3 and a half school-days we have a break untill sunday. Clicking on the poster above will lead you the webpage of the event and to  a link to an online broadcast of the … Continue reading

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Geometry and Probability


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Vitali Fest

Last week I took part in a lovely and impressive conference on the state of geometry and functional analysis, celebrating Vitali Milman’s 70th birthday. The conference started in Tel Aviv, continued at the Dead Sea, and returned to Tel Aviv. I gave a … Continue reading

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The Thompson Group

Update (july 2009): A detailed posting on the Thompson group appeared on “Geometry and the Imagination,” Danny Calegary’s blog. In spite of two recent preprints one claiming that the Thompson group is amenable and the other claiming the opposite, the problem appears … Continue reading

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