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Gina Says Part two

Download the second part of my book “Gina Says.” Link to the post with the first part.       “Gina Says,” Adventures in the Blogosphere String War selected and edited by Gil Kalai   Praise for “Gina Says”    After having … Continue reading

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Alarming Developments In Tel Aviv University

Update (July 24): A detailed new article in Hebrew and English. Dr. Leora Meridor, who replaced  Dov Lautman in March (just four months ago)  as chair of TAU’s executive council is quoted saying: ” I’d give him (Zvi Galil) a list … Continue reading

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Chess can be a Game of Luck

Can chess be a game of luck? Let us consider the following two scenarios: A) We have a chess tournament where each of forty chess players pay 50 dollars entrance fee and the winner takes the prize which is 80% … Continue reading

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Links and Comments

The link  L10n74  (click on the picture to see L10n74’s Braid representation, its Morse link presentation, its Alexander and Jones polynomials, its Khovanov homology, and more, much more.) Here are some links and further comments regarding the last four posts. (Mainly … Continue reading

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Amazing Possibilities

Happy new 2009, everybody!    An understanding of our fundamental limitations is among the most important contributions of science and of mathematics. At the same time, various fundamental limitations stated by many great minds turned out to be wrong, sometimes … Continue reading

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  Debates are fascinating human activities that are a mixture of logic, strategy, and show. Not everybody shares this fascination. The German author Emil Ludwig considered debates to be the death of conversation. Jonathan Swift regarded debates as the worst … Continue reading

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Controversies In and Near Science

Controversies and debates in and around science – between researchers within the same discipline, between competing theories, between competing fields, and between accepted scientific viewpoints and viewpoints rooted outside science – are common.  Is there global warming and is it … Continue reading

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Detrimental Noise

 “Imagine there’s no heaven, it’s easy(?) if you try,”    John Lennon    Disclaimer: It is a reasonable belief  (look here, and here), and an extremely reasonable working assumption (look  here) that computationally superior quantum computers can be built.    (This post and the … Continue reading

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Rationality, Economics and Games

1. The “Center for Rationality” “Founded in 1991, the Hebrew University’s Center for the Study of Rationality  [at first it was simply called "Center for Rationality"] is a unique venture in which faculty, students, and guests join forces to explore the … Continue reading

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Combinatorics, Mathematics, Academics, Polemics, …

1. About: My name is Gil Kalai and I am a mathematician working mainly in the field of Combinatorics.  Within combinatorics, I work mainly on geometric combinatorics and the study of convex polytopes and related objects, and on the analysis of Boolean functions … Continue reading

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