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Celebrations in Sweden and Norway

Celebrations for Endre, Jean and Terry Anders Bjorner presents the 2012 Crafoord Prize in Mathematics  I am in Sweden for two weeks to work with colleagues and to take part in two celebrations. Jean Bourgain and Terence Tao are the 2012 laureates … Continue reading

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The Quantum Fault-Tolerance Debate Updates

In a couple of days, we will resume the debate between Aram Harrow and me regarding the possibility of universal quantum computers and quantum fault tolerance. The debate takes place over GLL (Godel’s Lost Letter and P=NP) blog. The Debate Where were … Continue reading

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Exciting News on Three Dimensional Manifolds

The Virtually Haken Conjecture A Haken 3-manifold is a compact 3-dimensional manifold M which is irreducible (in a certain strong sense) but contains an incompressible surface S. (An embedded surface S is incompressible if the embedding indices an injection of its … Continue reading

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גאומטריה, שוויון ומזל

דברי תודה בשם מקבלי פרס רוטשילד 2012 אדוני שר החינוך, הלורד רוטשילד, פרופסור קולברג, עמיתי כלת וחתני הפרס, גבירותי ורבותי אפתח בתודה מקרב לב בשם מקבלי הפרס לקרן רוטשילד. פרס רוטשילד הוא אות חשוב ומרגש להערכה של החברה שלנו למדע, … Continue reading

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Updates, Boolean Functions Conference, and a Surprising Application to Polytope Theory

The Debate continues The debate between Aram Harrow and me on Godel Lost letter and P=NP (GLL) regarding quantum fault tolerance continues. The first post entitled Perpetual  motions of the 21th century featured mainly my work, with a short response by Aram. … Continue reading

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A Couple Updates on the Advances-in-Combinatorics Updates

In a recent post I mentioned quite a few remarkable recent developments in combinatorics. Let me mention a couple more. Independent sets in regular graphs A challenging conjecture by Noga Alon and Jeff Kahn in graph theory was about the number of … Continue reading

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Tentative Plans and Belated Updates II

  Elementary school reunion: Usually, I don’t write about personal matters over the blog, but having (a few weeks ago) an elementary school reunion after 42 years was a moving and exciting event as to consider making an exception. For now, … Continue reading

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I just came back home after two months in the US, mainly in and around New Haven and also in IPAM (Los Angeles) and Texas A&M. I heard all sort of wonderful things (but some sad news as well). I met a … Continue reading

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Recent and Future Excitements

It is very hectic around here and on top of the eight or so regular research seminars at math (and quite a few more at CS) we have many visitors as school terms at the US are over. A week … Continue reading

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IPAM Fall 2009

Combinatorics: Methods and Applications in Mathematics and Computer Science September 8 – December 11, 2009 Scientific overview: Combinatorics is a fundamental mathematical discipline as well as an essential component of many mathematical areas. It studies discrete objects and their properties. … Continue reading

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