Tel-Aviv’s “Jerusalem Beach”


Friday’s evening at the beach

Late Friday afternoon, and the “Jerusalem beach” in Tel Aviv is still quite crowded with young and old people, families and singles, tourists, foreign workers and Israelis. The sea is calm and beautiful and the Tel Aviv shore landscape of people and buildings is restless and captivating. A young Philippine man with a baby on his shoulders ends a long cell phone conversation spoken in a strange language, with the familiar Hebrew ending “yalla bye“. A  father of a Russian speaking family takes pictures of his family with his cell phone, as does the father of an Arabic speaking family on our other side; in fact people all over the place are taking  pictures of each other with their cell phone cameras. What do they do with all these pictures? Where do they store them?

On our other side, another groups of foreign workes, six young women and two men. Two try to play beach paddle ball (matkot), a national Israeli beach game. They also take cell phone pictures, and then one plays the guitar and they all sing, “Jesus is our savior”, and “Jesus is our Shephard”, and even one song in Hebrew.

The sunset is breathtaking. A long waiting and then when the time comes the big orange sun disappears in a matter of seconds. Many people take sunset pictures with their cell phones.

On the way back we see three nuns with black outfits and one priest. They have serious expressions. They are Greek Orthodox, I think. The priest spins his hat in the air and tries to catch the hat with his head.     




I have uploaded to the archive a paper on noisy quantum computation, which is a revision and an extension of my paper from 2006. A paper of Ehud Friedgut, Noam Nisan and myself about manipulations in voting rules was accepted to FOCS08. This is my 4th FOCS/STOC paper. (Larry Stockmeyer was a coauthor in one of my papers.)  I am planning to blog on issues around these two papers sometime in the future. (Meanwhile, there is an interesting post and discussion on quantum computers skepticism on Scott Aaronson’s blog.) Remember A. Nilli? We danced in her wedding on Sunday! Congratulations Nilli and John! As this post is launched I am at a high-dimensional phenomena conference in Sevillia. I have updated (or will soon update) the post about Han’s formula and provided more details. I also added a link to an interesting discussion on “Secret Blogging Seminar” related to my post “Is mathematics a Science”.







Internet pictures of the Tel Aviv shoreline, beach paddle ball (Matkot), and Greek-Orthodox priests and nun. 

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5 Responses to Tel-Aviv’s “Jerusalem Beach”

  1. jrluw says:

    great timing–for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been staying on Hayarkon just off of Jerusalem beach. it’s a truly awesome way to visit tel aviv univ. or weizmann (even better if your host is willing to meet you in one of many fantastic coffee shops). the city is full of friendly and beautiful people. (so far sevilla is not too shabby on this axis itself)

  2. jrluw says:

    as was pointed out to me, I should be more precise; one should not go to the coffee shops around the beach (which cater mainly to tourists).

  3. Gil Kalai says:

    Dear James, thanks for the comments and congratulations for your nice blog (TCS math). Nice meeting you in Sevilla.

  4. blog4allpeoples says:

    when you happy with your condition, palestina’s people dead because ISRAEL. what is the real Israel destination attack palestina?????? i thik israel is crazy because kill childrens and womens in palestina…..

  5. edoardo rozza says:

    I will be there next june. Some clue to enjoy 3/4 days stay?

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