Our Department’s Quilt

Academic administation is a topic of great interest that desrves a special post. The highest post I served was as the department chair, and one thing I did was to acquire for the department a quilt by the artist Anna Maria Brenti. Of course, you are welcome to come and see it (and there are a few other things to see in the city of Jerusalem.) Meanwhile here are pictures: (Click for larger pictures.)



The artist Annamaria Brenti has a degree in Mathematics from the University of Florence; her interests gradually shifted to quilting while living in the U.S. Her quilts won international awards in major quilt shows in Europe and the United States. She has been an invited artist at several quilting events around the world, including the IX International Quilt Week in Yokohama (Japan) in 2001, the IX European Patchwork Meeting in Alsace (France) in 2003, the Pacific International Quilt Festival in Santa Clara (California, U.S.A.) in 2003, and the World of Quilting in Stoneleigh (U.K.) in 2003. She currently lives in Frascati (Rome, Italy).


You can read more  about the various mathematical objects on the quilt in the website of the Institute of Mathematics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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