1:0 to Italy: Michal Linial

Coming back from Hinxton, the most exciting genome center in the world and the most boring place after 5pm… At 5:30, a shuttle bus takes all the ‘workers’ to the big city – to Cambridge. The shuttle bus dropped us in the middle of town and without noticing, I remained alone. I quickly looked around; actually, there was no one on the street… OK I decided, the evening is not lost yet, I will go to London…
I waited 5 minutes and a Taxi stopped next to me. To the train station” I said. My taxi driver started the ride and then slowed down, stopped for a minute next to an open bar looked extremely worried and after 2 minutes speeded up again. We moved another 100 meters and again, he slows down and stop for 2 minutes next to a TV screen in the next open bar. He looks bothered and mumbled to himself, I hate him, this mother fu…, I hate them all… When he repeated this strange driving mode the third time, I realize that he must look for someone. Are you looking for someone? I asked.  Not at all, he replied, all my fu….friends are sitting and watching the fu…. Euro football game. He continues without letting me interrupt him. I hate England this is why I decided to work tonight and not even watch this fu… game. I am telling you, you are going to win and to show these fu… stupid English sissies a lesson. As I was told that the English fans might be quite unpredicted, I immediately teamed up with my driver and just repeated exactly his statements and said to him: we are going to win these fat, lazy, impotent, stupid Englishmen. These was like a magic …He asked immediately, are you in a hurry? Not at all, I admitted. So let’s go to see the end of the game he said. There are only 20 min left till this fu.. are loosing their pants. With this spirit, he stopped the car and shut down the engine next to the large TV screen in the next bar. We stayed in the car and watched how England is loosing the game… 20 min later, on the way to the train station he tells me, you are not paying me a nickel as I found the only person in this fu… country that understand football.  Your football in Italy in the best in the world and only Italian women know what a good football means. I left the car with a big ciao and arividerchi before changing his view on Italian women…


Michal Linial  is a HU Professor of Biology and the Director of The Sudarsky Center for Computational Biology .

Other taxi-stories by Michal Linial: Cosmonaut, An embassador in Singapore .

Both England and Italy are considered prominent football (soccer) powers; The origin of modern foorball is in England.

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2 Responses to 1:0 to Italy: Michal Linial

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  2. It seems you’re a great fan of football! May I ask what your favorite football clubs are in and outside of the state?

    Which playing style do you prefer? Brazilian Jogo Bonito? Italian Catenaccio? Spanish Tiki Taka? Dutch Total Football? or possibly something else?

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