A Riddle

 What is this?






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13 Responses to A Riddle

  1. Tselil says:

    The mouth of a confused furry monster?

  2. John A. says:

    The minimum of one hint was a requirement for me. Thankfully, it was also sufficient.

  3. Rani says:

    An untamed mustache?
    A rocky Martian landscape (featuring Phobos and Deimos)?
    A piecewise linear function (with two designated local maxima)?

  4. Anon says:

    A crowd?

  5. Gil says:

    Dear Tselil, John, Rani and Anon, nice solutions, thanks. I will post the intended solution on Sunday.

  6. scottophile says:

    A biting vagina, interpolated by a piecewise linear function?

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  8. jellyfish says:

    Gil, this is not a very good riddle, in the sense that after seeing the solution, I am still vastly unsatisfied. And I think that the first “N” is rendered as an “M” above. And I “U”s are rendered in a very unsatisfactory way.

  9. Robert says:

    Talk about the serrated edge of Occam’s razor…

  10. Anon says:

    Be honest. You created this riddle by just looking at the whiteboard of a very confusing collegue 😉

  11. John A. says:

    Gil, thanks. The hint worked for me.

  12. olga-shulman-lednichenko says:

    Its aperiodic function : F( x +t) = F(x) => got some time period// and then a ball bounces on it -> almost an elastic ball -> disturbing the wavelength/frequency of the oscillations => i.e reduces the wavelength/frequency and time period of oscillations …making it ALMOST periodic

    finally the equilibrium state is achieved and … life goes on

    olga shulman lednicheko

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