The solution to the last riddle is:


It is based on a hand written minimum, (maybe I needed one more spike)



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4 Responses to Solution

  1. Lukas Mach says:

    Interestingly, Vista pen writing input recognizes it just fine:

  2. a says:

    we forgive you for this, but only because you are a big mathematician.

  3. Gil says:

    Thanks, Lukas. That’s cool; I wonder if the program will identify the original polygonal version.

  4. Lukas Mach says:

    The program recognizes stuff written on Tablet PCs, so it doesn’t work on arbitrary images, but when I redrew the polygonal version using mouse, it recognized it as “minimum”. I tried to draw versions with 14, 15 and 16 spikes a few times and it mostly got recognized as “minimum” (although it answered “murmur” once or twice).

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