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Ziegler´s Lecture on the Associahedron

  The associahedron in 3 dimension, and James Stasheff. This picture is taken from Bill Casselman’s article on the associahedron. The article is entitled “Strange Associations” and starts with “There are many other polytopes that can be described in purely combinatorial terms. Among the … Continue reading

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A Little More on Boolean Functions and Bounded Depth Circuits

  Boolean circuits This post (in a few parts) contains a quick introduction to Boolean circuits. It is related to the recent news post about the solution of Braverman to the Linial-Nisan conjecture. In particular, we will describe very quickly a formulation … Continue reading

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Rosenfeld’s Odd-Distance Problem

  Moshe Rosenfeld’s odd-distance problem: Let G be the graph whose vertices are points in the plane and two vertices form an edge if their distance is an odd integer. Is the chromatic number of this graph finite?  

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Which Coalition to Form (2)?

Yair Tauman (This post is a continuation of this previous post.) Aumann and Myerson proposed that if political and ideological matters are put aside, the party forming the coalition would (or should) prefer to form the coalition in which its own power (according … Continue reading

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Which Coalition?

The problem. OK, we had an election and have a new parliament with 120 members. The president has asked the leader of one party to form a coalition. (This has not happened yet in the Israeli election but it will happen soon.) Such … Continue reading

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Basic Open Research and Failed Institutions – Imagine

Imagine if in the last ten years before the collapse, the huge failed financial and insurance institutions had had independent research units devoted to doing basic, open, and critical research on matters of relevance to the business, ethics, and future of these institutions. Might it have made a small … Continue reading

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Majority Rules! – The Story of Achnai’s Oven

It is election day in Israel, and an opportunity to tell the beautiful and moving story of Achnai’s oven.  Towards the end of the first century, a few decades after the big Jewish rebellion against the Romans, the sages of the … Continue reading

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Frankl-Rodl’s Theorem and Variations on the Cap Set Problem: A Recent Research Project with Roy Meshulam (A)

Voita Rodl I would like to tell you about a research project in progress with Roy Meshulam. (We started it in the summer, but then moved to other things;  so far there are interesting insights, and perhaps problems, but not substantial … Continue reading

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Colloquium at Berlin

I arrived to Berlin for a short visit to give a colloquium talk at the new BMS on Helly-type theorems, and to participate in the Ph. D. committee of  Ronald Wotzlaw. (Update: Dr. Ronald Wotzlaw.) Here is an abstract for the … Continue reading

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The Hex-Voting-Rule (Not Recommended)

Blue wins – if there is a right to left continuous path of blue regions Red wins – if there is north to south continuous path of red regions (A region is red or blue according to the majority of … Continue reading

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