A Conference and a School on Oded Schramm’s Mathematics

There will be a conference this summer in Redmond and a school in December in Jerusalem devoted to Oded Schramm’s mathematics.  

Oded Schramm Memorial Conference

Probability and Geometry

Redmond WA, August 30-31, 2009




To be held at Microsoft Research.

Here are links to the conference page and conference poster

Speakers include

    Omer Angel (University of British Columbia)
Itai Benjamini (Weizmann Institute)
Mario Bonk (University of Michigan)
Michael Freedman (Microsoft Station Q)
Christophe Garban (ֹcole Normale Supיrieure)
Olle Haggstrom (Chalmers University of Technology)
Zheng-Xu He (Beijing CAS Institute of Mathematics)
Gregory F. Lawler (University of Chicago)
Russell Lyons (Indiana University)
Assaf Naor (New York University)
Yuval Peres (Microsoft Research)
Gabor Pete (University of Toronto)
Steffen Rohde (University of Washington)
Scott Sheffield (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Stanislav Smirnov (Universitי de Genטve)
Wendelin Werner (Universitי Paris-Sud XI)
David B. Wilson (Microsoft Research)


Midrasha Mathematicae – Discrete Probability and Geometry

The mathematics of Oded Schramm

Jerusalem, 15-23 December 2009



To be held at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Institute for Advanced Study, Feldman Building Givat Ram Campus.

The school will be devoted to discrete probability and its relations with geometry and other areas of mathematics. The topics are chosen to represent the research interests of Oded Schramm.  There will be several lecture series and additional lectures suitable to a wide audience of mathematicians and advanced students.  Ample grants for overseas students are available. 

Among the topics for the lecture series: Probability on Trees and Graphs; Percolation;  Graph limits;  Random triangulations and KPZ;  Random walks and Brownian motions; SLE  I;  SLE and the Ising Model;  Boolean functions, Noise sensitivity and Fourier analysis; Applications to Physics;  Further connections to Geometry.
The midrasha Mathematicae is an aramaic name for “mathematics school”.  It is an advanced school devoted in mathematics which is taking place every year at the Hebrew University since 1997. The general director of the school is Peter Sarnak and the 2009/2010 school will be directed by Itai Benjamini, Wendelin Werner and myself. Stay tuned for more information.


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6 Responses to A Conference and a School on Oded Schramm’s Mathematics

  1. Carter Schonwald says:

    Hi Gil, might next falls topics in discrete math be on percolation? because that would be really awesome!

  2. Gil Kalai says:

    Dear Carter, Good idea!

  3. Gil Kalai says:

    The Redmond conference website contains now a detailed program.

  4. Mark Sapir says:

    What is the program of the conference?


    Mark Sapir

  5. Gil Kalai says:

    Dear Mark the program will be ready in a few days, Gil

  6. Thanks! I’ve been hunting for this EXACT thing all day. I really wish that people would write more about this. Greatly appreciated

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