6 thoughts on “Istanbul!

  1. Schwanzerberg

    Whoa! Istanbul… My hometown… I was surprised, when i saw my hometown’s photos. Here is really a wonderful city. You should come again here. I’m studying here – at Yıldız Technichal University (YTÜ) – physics. And i visited this blog ”Gina Says: Adventures in the Blogsphere String War” in order to read, then i saw this entry. I really like your blog. Anyway, if you’ll visit Istanbul again, i want to entertain you a guest :)

    PS: Before 1453, this city’s name was ”Constantinopolis”. But since 1453, here is ‘Istanbul’ ;)

  2. Gil Kalai Post author

    Many thanks Schwanzerberg. Indeed Istanbul is great and I hope to visit it again. One thing I like about my city, Jerusalem, is that it is full with contradictions. In mathematics one contradiction suffices (to destroy everything). But in life, contradictions and maintaining them is fascinating. Beside being impressed with the sights and the people I also felt that perhaps Istanbul is also a city of some contradictions.


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