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Chomskian Linguistics

Here is another little chapterette from my book. It follows a chapter based on discussions that followed a post by David Corfield from n-Category Cafe. There, the following thought was raised: Is there something analogous to Chomsy’s theory of language’s structure and language … Continue reading

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(Eran Nevo) The g-Conjecture III: Algebraic Shifting

This is the third in a series of posts by Eran Nevo on the g-conjecture. Eran’s first post was devoted to the combinatorics of the g-conjecture and was followed by a further post by me on the origin of the g-conjecture. … Continue reading

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Answer to Test Your Intuition (9)

Two experimental results of 10/100 and 15/100 are not equivalent to one experiment with outcomes 3/200. (Here is a link to the original post.) One way to see it is to think about 100 experiments. The outcomes under the null … Continue reading

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