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Midrasha Mathematicae: The Mathematics of Oded Schramm

Update: The midrasha is taking place now. After 3 and a half school-days we have a break untill sunday. Clicking on the poster above will lead you the webpage of the event and to  a link to an online broadcast of the … Continue reading

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Optimal Colorful Tverberg’s Theorem by Blagojecic, Matschke, and Ziegler

Pavle Blagojevic, Benjamin Matschke, and Guenter Ziegler settled  for the case that is a prime, the “colorful Tverberg’s conjecture.” (Problem 6  in this post.) This gives a sharp version for Zivaljevic and Vrecica theorem, and crossed the “connectivity of chessboard complexes barrier”.  Here is … Continue reading

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Math Overflow

So I did try mathoverflow a bit and it is a cool site. Over the few days I spent there I gained 593 reputation points, and no less than 9 bronze badges. The first answer I proposed gave me a badge as “teacher”,  … Continue reading

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Test Your Intuition (10): How Does “Random Noise” Look

This is a bit unusual post in the “test your intuition” corner as the problem is not entirely formal.   How does random noise in the digital world typically look? Suppose you have a memory of n bits, or a memory based on a larger … Continue reading

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I just came back home after two months in the US, mainly in and around New Haven and also in IPAM (Los Angeles) and Texas A&M. I heard all sort of wonderful things (but some sad news as well). I met a … Continue reading

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