I just came back home after two months in the US, mainly in and around New Haven and also in IPAM (Los Angeles) and Texas A&M. I heard all sort of wonderful things (but some sad news as well). I met a lot of friends and quite a few new people (including quite a few fellow bloggers). I was a bit slow on blogging but I do plan to catch up.

I need help from technically savvy readers for the following Audio project. (We had an old audio post for people missing NYC .) The post will be called “voices of our age, or, the story of our lives”. It will record a GPS that gives  instruction how to drive while the driver violate them all the time. So you mainly hear “recalculating” “recalculating” (e.g. turn right on 38 street… recalculating… turn left on 39 street… recalculating…etc etc.) If you can create such a nice audio send it to me or post it in the remarks. Many thanks. (Some people claim, but no form evidence is known, that the “recalculating” voice is becoming a little edgy after the fifth “recalculating”.)

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