Midrasha Mathematicae: The Mathematics of Oded Schramm

Update: The midrasha is taking place now. After 3 and a half school-days we have a break untill sunday. Clicking on the poster above will lead you the webpage of the event and to  a link to an online broadcast of the lectures.

Our Winter school on Probability and Geometry is approaching. It will take place at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem on December 15-23. The deadline for application is November 25, 2009; by all means, apply! it will be a very nice event. We got additional support from The Clay Mathematics Institute and from Microsoft Research. Financial support (local expences, and, in some cases, partial support for the travel) may be available.

The poster gives the updated list of confirmed speaker. (There may be 1-2 additional speakers that did not confirm yet.)

Here is the link to the site of the school.  I will update this page regarding program and schedule. UPDATE (Preliminary program)

Among the ptlanned opics for the lecture series: Probability on Trees and Graphs; Percolation;  Graph limits;  Random triangulations and KPZ;  Random walks and Brownian motions; SLE  I;  SLE and the Ising Model;  Boolean functions, Noise sensitivity and Fourier analysis; Applications to Physics;  Further connections to Geometry.

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