Midrasha News

Our Midrasha is going very very well. There are many great talks, mostly very clear and helpful. Various different directions which interlace very nicely. Some moving new mathematical breakthroughs; very few fresh from the oven. Tomorrow is the last day.

Update: I will try to describe some highlights an links to the presentations, related papers, and pictures at a later post.

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4 Responses to Midrasha News

  1. shmuel says:

    I just want to thank the organizers. It’s a very beautiful conference. And, rumor has it that the talks will be available online…

  2. Gil says:

    Dear Shmuel,

    Yes we plan to have the lectures online. I also plan to blog a little about some highlights but I am a little tired now. It was great seeing you!

  3. dan says:

    Unfortunately I missed the Midrasha, but would very much like to see those videos. Any hint regarding when they will be available and how?

  4. luck ryans says:

    Helpful info you have displayed here thanks.

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