Midrasha Talks are Now Online

Itai Benjamini listening to Gadi Kozma

There are 41 lectures from the Midrasha on Probability and Geometry: The Mathematics of Oded Schramm which are now online.

Joram Lindenstrauss’s concluding lecture (click on the picture to see)

Laci Lovasz

More pictures and links to some lectures below the line (I will slowly update them).


Gady Kozma’s lecture (click on picture)  was one of the few I was behind the camera, with a rather free camera style and a lot of audience closeups.


Scott Scheffield. Click on the picture for his lecture (presentation+audio)  on internal DLA (a startling new result with David Jerison and Lionel Levin)


Stanislav Smirnov

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4 Responses to Midrasha Talks are Now Online

  1. anon says:

    Dear Professor Kalai,

    the video embedded does not seem to work in Firefox.

  2. asmbelal says:

    great,great. I like this site

  3. IvLi says:

    the videos are broken…

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