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Test Your Intuition (12): Perturbing a Polytope

Let P be a d-dimensional convex polytope. Can we always perturb the vertices of P moving them to points with rational coordinates without changing the combinatorial structure of P? In order words, you require that a set of vertices whose … Continue reading

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Francisco Santos Disproves the Hirsch Conjecture

A title and an abstract for the conference “100 Years in Seattle: the mathematics of Klee and Grünbaum” drew a special attention: Title: “A counter-example to the Hirsch conjecture” Author: Francisco Santos, Universidad de Cantabria Abstract:  I have been in … Continue reading

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Drunken Time and Drunken Computation

The problem We are used to computer programs or models for computations that perform at time  step , .  Suppose that time is drunk, so instead of running these steps in their correct order, we apply at time  step , where … Continue reading

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