A New Appearance

I have changed the appearance of the blog. The main feature of the new appearance that I like is that the comments are with the same size fonts as the posts themselves. This is especially useful for the polymath3 posts. (I will make some tuning to the new appearance once I will learn how to.)

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7 Responses to A New Appearance

  1. For me it became harder to follow the threads, the previous format marked the level of the replies to a comment better.

    The font is also much too large.

    • daveagp says:

      Since different people may have different preferences about font size, users may want to use CSS to customize their own view. For example if you use chrome, enter

      #content li.comment {
       font-size: 12px; 
       line-height: 15px !important;
      #content li.comment p {
       margin-bottom: 8px !important;

      into your “Custom.css” file, then the comments will be smaller for you.

      (This may have a side-effect on other sites and it seems the right way to avoid this is the Stylish plugin in Chrome, or “@-moz-document” in Mozilla.)

    • Gil Kalai says:

      That’s too bad, Klas, since you are a valuable polymath participant. Also the font size may more convenient to people my age but less so to younger people. Maybe I will need to make a poll about it next time. I still like the feature that the comments have the same font size as the main post.

  2. Lior says:

    Like the look!

    One point: the previous appearance included a link to the RSS feed in the main page, and every post had its own RSS feed for the comments. The links to these feeds are now gone — could you put them back?

    • Gil Kalai says:

      i dont know how to do it. What RSS means?

      • slior says:

        “RSS” is a protocol used by WordPress to automatically broadcast blog posts and/or comments to readers. I “subscribe” to the “RSS feed” which broadcasts the new posts on your blog, which means that I see and read the new posts on program running on my computer which received the broadcasts rather than directly on the blog.

        WordPress also creates such a “feed” for the comment stream on each post, which is very useful for trying to follow the polymath posts. It used to be the case that at the end of each post you made, wordpress would automatically add a link to the “feed” for comments on that post, allowing us to subscribe to it.

        Here’s information from WordPress on feeds in general: . I can’t find information on how to enable post-by-post comment-stream feeds; perhaps someone who knows WordPress better can help.

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