A Really Nice Talk About PDE, Numerics (and Pyramids)

My previous post recommended a really nice talk by Jonathan Israel about human rights. Here is the link again. It is very recommended. Actually, I was in the audience and after the lecture, at the reception,  I came to the lecturer to compliment him for the talk, except that I approached a different, rather similar looking, person.

I am not going to make it a habit on this blog to recommend good videotaped lectures available on the Internet (unless this new Genre will lead to a sky-rocketing rating), but, just one more time, let me recommend you a really really nice lecture. It is a lecture with a scary title High order FEM-approximation on pyramids, by Nilima Nigam. Click on the picture to go directly to the lecture or click here. (And if you want to see the picture enlarged, click here.)

The first part is about “What is a PDE,” and it is an eye opener for people with little familiarity of PDEs (like me) and perhaps also an eye opener for PDE professionals on how to introduce them. And then it goes on to explain what finite element methods are, and about the recent finite element exterior calculus.

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