More around Borsuk

Piotr Achinger told me two things abour Karol Borsuk:


From Wikipedea: Dunce hat Folding. The blue hole is only for better view

Borsuk trumpet

is  another name for the contractible non-collapsible space commonly called also the “dunce hat“. (See also this post.) For a birthday conference of Borsuk, a cake of this shape was baked and served.

 Hodowla zwierzątek

(polish, in English: Animal Husbandry) is (from Wikipedea, here is the link) a dice game invented and published by Karol Borsuk at his own expense in 1943, during the German occupation of Warsaw. Sales of the game were a way for Borsuk to support his family after he lost his job following the closure by the German occupation authorities of Warsaw University. The original sets were produced by hand by Borsuk’s wife, Zofia. The author of the drawings of animals was Janina Borsuk née Śliwicka. The game was one of the first in the world to feature a 12-sided dice.

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4 Responses to More around Borsuk

  1. kazekkurz says:

    The game of Animal Husbandry You have mentioned is very interesting from at least two points of view:
    1. it is very good at pedagogical aspects, because even small children ( my own – I have a twin boys – has 3 years when we start a play with them) can play it, and catch the idea of exchange one amount of goods for another.
    2. it is interesting from probability point of view – because a dice used and a play rules gives You good balance between complex strategy and time the game takes.
    3. well 😉 it is very funny to play and last year in Poland there was very beautiful “Superfarmer” edition of this game ( probably You may buy it from the internet – company which released it is called Grana )

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