Mathematical Gymnastics

For the long days of ICM 2014 lectures, and long flights to and from Seoul, some mathematical gymnastics is needed. And this is precisely what Omer Angel taught us in his recent visit. Combining gymnastic with a demonstration of parallel transport and deep insights on human physiology!

You want to move from this  position


to this position


without simply rotating your hand.

Here are two video-demonstrations by some HUJI top people

parallel trasposrt

Click on the picture to see the video. (The drill  is a sequence of five moves and the video skipped the first.)

Some other mathematical gymnastics is demonstrated in the post the ultimate riddle. And for a futurist mathematical application to sport (soccer) see this post.

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2 Responses to Mathematical Gymnastics

  1. Paul Rio says:

    Serious paper about the P versus NP Problem

  2. Paul Rio says:

    Serious paper about the P versus NP Problem

    Abstract:$UNIQUE \ SAT$ is the problem of deciding whether a given Boolean formula has exactly one satisfying truth assignment. The $UNIQUE \ SAT$ is $coNP-hard$. We prove the
    $UNIQUE \ SAT$ is in $NP$, and therefore, $NP = coNP$. Furthermore, we prove if $NP = coNP$, then some problem in $coNPC$ is in $P$, and thus, $P = NP$. In this way, the $P$
    versus $NP$ problem is solved with a positive answer.


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