Midrasha Mathematicae #18: In And Around Combinatorics



Tahl Nowik

photo (4) 17.8.14 midrasha poster 2015 poster

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Update 3 (January 30): The midrasha ended today. Update 2 (January 28): additional videos are linked; Update 1 (January 23): Today we end the first week of the school. David Streurer and Peter Keevash completed their series of lectures and Alex Postnikov started his series.


Today is the third day of our winter school. In this page I will gradually give links to to various lectures and background materials. I am going to update the page through the two weeks of the Midrasha. Here is the web page of the midrasha, and here is the program. I will also present the posters for those who want me to: simply take a picture (or more than one) of the poster and send me. And also – links to additional materials, pictures, or anything else: just email me, or add a comment to this post.

Lecture series and lectures

Irit Dinur: Direct products of games and graphs

mid-irit Video 1

Peter Keevash: The Existence of Designs


Video 1, Video 2, Video3 Video4 Peter gave, in addition a colloquium talk (that was not videotaped) about a paper by Peter Keevash, Fiachra Knox, and Richard Mycroft an efficient algorithm for matching in certain hypergraphs. Related post

David Streurer: Sum of Squares Method


Video 1, Video 2, Video3, Video4

Nati Linial: High Dimensional Combinatorics: A Combinatorial Perspective of Simplicial Complexes



Alexandru Nica: Combinatorial Aspects of Free Probability Theory


Video 1, Video 2, Video3, Video4

Ehud Friedgut:  Analysis of Boolean Functions on Graph Products, Dictatorships and Juntas


Video 1 (before lunch); Video 2 (after lunch)

Ron Peled: Probabilistic Existence of Regular Combinatorial Structures


Alexander Postnikov: The Combinatorics of the Grassmanian


Video1, Video2, Video3, Video4

Tali Kaufman: High Dimensional Expanders: What, Why and How

(not recorded)

Joel Hass and Tahl Nowik: Combiknotorics


Video 1 (Joel), video 2 (Joel), video 3 (Tahl), Video 4 (Joel)

Wojiech Samotij: Toward the hypergraph “container” theorem (4 lectures)


Video 1, video 2 video 3 video 4

Tamar Ziegler Narrow Progressions in Primes



Open problems session





Chaim Even-Zohar: Invariants of Random Knots and Links



Ben-Zion Shilo: Life’s Blueprint: The Science and Art of Embryo Creation






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