Postoctoral Positions with Karim and Other Announcements!

Postoctoral positions with Karim Adiprasito

My young friend and colleague Karim Adiprasito  told me that he has funding for postdocs (with or without teaching) and students (with or without teaching), both at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI) and the MPI/University Leipzig. Both places have a great combinatorics group, as well as highly active research groups in other areas and beautiful surroundings. If you are interested in or around the type of things Karim is doing – please send him an email to (with an appropriate subject that reflects your intention to apply);

MPI=Max Plank Institute.

Further postdoctoral opportunities at HUJI.

The HUJI part of the announcement above can be generalized! Like every year we do have funding for several postdoctoral positions in and around combinatorics for 1-3 years  here at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The starting time is flexible. If you do research in combinatorics or in related areas you may enjoy our special environment (and weather, and sights), our lovely group of combinatorialists both in the mathematics and the computer science departments, and the other great research groups around.

An International Ph. D. Program in mathematics starting fall 2017 at HUJI.

We already had a few Ph. D. students coming from other countries before, but starting Fall 2017 we will make special effort to attract and accommodate foreign Ph D students.

A 2-3 days workshop about the polynomial method at HUJI around X-mas 2016.

Jordan Ellenberg and I are planning an informal workshop about the “polynomial method” around Christmas 2016 in Jerusalem.


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