AlexFest: 60 Faces of Groups



Ladies and gentlemen, A midrasha (school) in honor of Alex Lubotzky’s 60th birthday will take place from November 6 – November 11, 2016 at the Israel Institute for Advanced Studies, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Don’t miss the event! And read this:

“Groups have always played a central role in the different branches of Algebra, yet their importance goes far behind the limits of Algebraic research. One of the most significant examples for this is the work of Alex Lubotzky. Over the last 35 years, Alex has developed and applied group theoretic methods to different areas of mathematics including combinatorics, computer science, geometry and number theory. His research led the way in the study of expander graphs, p-adic Lie groups, profinite groups, subgroup growth and many geometric counting problems.  The 20th Midrasha, dedicated to Alex’s 60th birthday, will include lectures from leading mathematicians in these fields presenting their current work”

My friendship with Alex goes well over the last forty years, we shared exotic experiences in the Jordan River and the Amazon River, shared apartments at Yale, taught a course together 5 times and more.



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4 Responses to AlexFest: 60 Faces of Groups

  1. Yiftach says:

    Gil, Do you know if there is any online recording of the talks?

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