Oded Goldreich Fest

Update (April 17): Outcomes of the poll for the coolest title are in. (See the end of the post)

Oded Goldreich’s 60 birthday meeting, April 19-20 at the Weitzmann Institute promises to be a great event. Here is the webpage of the event. Many cool talks with cool titles. To celebrate the birthday we run a poll for the coolest title among eight selected titles. Please participate!


The coolest titles are:

First place: 31% of votes (22/71)

On the Importance of having An Oded

Shafi Goldwasser, Wednesday, April 19, 14:20-14:50


Second place: 20% (14/71)

Fifty shades of black boxes

Boaz Barak, Wednesday, April 19, 14:50-15:30

Third place: 17%  (12/71)

Is Oded unpredictable/secure under 40-years-20-joint-papers attacks?

Avi Wigderson, Thursday, April 20, 10:00-10:40

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1 Response to Oded Goldreich Fest

  1. Gil Kalai says:

    The coolest title winners are now public!

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