Peter Keevash: More and Easier Designs!

Peter Keevash just posted on the arxiv a couple of new papers on designs. The first is a rewritten version of his original paper The existence of designs with a much simpler proof. The second paper The existence of designs II contains several new startling results, such as the existence of resolvable hypergraph designs, large sets of hypergraph designs and decompositions of designs by designs. This is great!

Here are links to earlier posts on designs. Amazing: Peter Keevash Constructed General Steiner Systems and Designs (January 2014);  Séminaire N. Bourbaki – Designs Exist (after Peter Keevash) – the paperAmazing: Stefan Glock, Daniela Kühn, Allan Lo, and Deryk Osthus give a new proof for Keevash’s Theorem. And more news on designs (Nov 2016);  Midrasha Mathematicae #18: In And Around Combinatorics


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