An Interview with Yisrael (Robert) Aumann

I was privileged to join Menachem Yaari and Sergiu Hart in interviewing Yisrael Aumann.  The interview is in Hebrew. It is an initiative of the Israel Academy of Sciences and the Humanities.

For our non Hebrew speakers here is in English an interview with Aumann by Sergiu Hart from 2005, and here is a paper  that I wrote in 2006  Science, beliefs and knowledge: a personal reflection on Robert J. Aumann’s approach.


Aumann explained to us some details of his Ph D thesis on knot theory,

Can game theory help resolving human conflicts and the suffering and waste caused by them?

Entomologist observe ants but dont tell them what to do.

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2 Responses to An Interview with Yisrael (Robert) Aumann

  1. Ziv Hellman says:

    Prof. Aumann claims in the video that there were no Jewish schools at all on the entire island of Manhattan in late 1938. But that appears to be not true. From facts I managed to uncover, the School of Ramaz, headed by Rabbi Yosef H. Lookstein, conducted its first classes for first, second, and third grades as early as autumn 1937, in a building at 117 East 85th Street in Manhattan. By autumn 1938 (even prior to the arrival of the Aumann family), demand had grown to such an extent that seventy one pupils were enrolled in the school and it had to move to larger premises at 125 East 85th Street. It is of course possible that the parents of Yisrael Robert Aumann were not aware of its existence.

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