Computer Science and its Impact on our Future

A couple of weeks ago I told you about Avi Wigderson’s vision on the connections between the theory of computing and other areas of mathematics on the one hand and between computer science and other areas of science, technology and society on the other hand.  In this spirit I am happy to inform about the conference “Computer Science and its Impact on the Future” to be held in Jerusalem, September 16-18, 2019.  This is a joint conference of the Israel Academy of Science and Humanities and the (US) National academy of Science.  Incidentally, September 17 2019 is the general elections day in Israel which will also have some impact on our future.

The program has sessions on quantum science and technology, computer science and society, computation and the life sciences, and AI and autonomous systems. The keynote speaker is Amnon Shashua who will speak on the promise of machine learning and AI in transforming industries. Other speakers are: Charles Bennett, Adi Stern, Dorit Aharonov, and Thomas Vidick (quantum); Noam Nisan, Omer Reingold, Shafi Goldwasser, and Moshe Vardi (society); Aviv Regev, Ron Shamir, Uri Alon and Leroy Hood (biology), Sarit Kraus, Eva Tardos, Naftali Tishby, and Gal Kaminka (AI), and David Harel (closing remarks).

As for startling connections between the theory of computation and other areas of mathematics let me refer to the very recent post with the big news on the sunflower conjecture.

In the spirit of the coming Israeli elections , I promise to report more on our recent great Oberwolfach conference, on my visit to CERN, and to provide more details on the sunflower progress, and about various combinatorics (and more) news I heard about. 

Update: in partial fulfillment of my promises here are a couple of pictures from CERN and Oberwolfach.


ATLAS@CERN with my son in law Eran Shriker; The view at Oberwolfach.

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1 Response to Computer Science and its Impact on our Future

  1. vznvzn says:

    ⭐ yes CS is becoming a very crosscutting, interdisciplinary field, its a modern golden age, great to be alive right now (to quote a popular pop song by andy grammar, luv the video… ps they used drone footage). was rereading Avis great survey. he mentions economics. dont forget Bitcoin! (not cited in his essay!)

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