Tomorrow: Boolean functions day at the TAU theory fest

As part of the 2019/2020 TAU theory fest, tomorrow, Friday, January 3, 2020,  is a Boolean function day at Tel Aviv University. The five speakers are Esty Kelman, Noam Lifschitz, Renan Gross, Ohad Klein, and Naomi Kirshner.

For more (and probably not all) mathematical activities in Israel these days including Abel in Jerusalem see this post.

The Abel in Jerusalem site has now the titles and abstracts of all talks. The talks are aimed so that advanced undergraduate students can learn from them and enjoy them. (The conference celebrating Boris Solomyak’s birthday was just added to the post on current math activities in Israel.)

Windows in theory reports from the theory fest on an exciting scientific bet between Elchanan Mossel and Subhash Khot. (Raising again the question if scientific bets are good.) Also in Windows in theory a report by Dorit Aharonov on the winter school on mathematics of quantum computing at HUJI.

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