A new PolyTCS blog!

A new PolyTCS blog

The PolyTCS Project is a new blog to run collaborative Theoretical Computer Science projects. The initiative is by two graduate students Rupei Xu and Chloe Yang. The logo was designed by Grigory Yaroslavtsev.

At this stage the blog raised possible projects to pursue.  A few days ago Rupei Xu discussed a second possible exciting project:   Project 2: Is Semi-Definite Programming (SDP) Polynomial-Time Solvable? The first project-proposal (Nov 1, 2019 by Jiapeng Zhang) was Project 1: The Entropy-Influence Conjecture.

(Here is a 2014  post on GLL on the problem of Project 2, and here is my 2007 post on WN on the problem of Project 1.)

Good luck!!!


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