To cheer you up in difficult times 10: Noam Elkies’ Piano Improvisations and more

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Noam D. Elkies piano improvisations

Every day since March 27, 2020 Noam Elkies (Noam’s home page) uploaded a new piece of piano improvisation. The Hebrew title of his page is “Music will let you forget the plague”.

Here is the very first comforting piece a la Schumann/Chopin; a piece based on the the Marseillaise; Bim Bam Bom (a popular Israeli song), and a tango. And yesterday, Yesterday!

To cheer you up even further: Problem chess with Noam Elkies

And excerpt from a forthcoming book on Chess and Mathematics by Noam Elkies and Richard Stanley: 12 page PDF file.  A paper by Noam Elkies and Richard Stanley: The mathematical knight: PDF document.

And to cheer you up even further than that:

26824404 + 153656394 + 187967604 = 206156734

Noam’s and others counter examples to Euler’s sum conjecture

See also these three posts on GLL (I, II, III).


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