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Test Your Intuition (46): What is the Reason for Maine’s Huge Influence?

Very quick updates: Corona: Israel is struggling with the pandemic with some successes,  some failures, and much debate. Peace: We have peace agreements now with several Arab countries, most recently with Sudan. This is quite stunning. Internal politics: As divided … Continue reading

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This question from Tim Gowers will certainly cheeer you up! and test your intuition as well!

I've rolled a die and not looked at it yet. The statement, "If the number I rolled equals 2+2 then it equals 5," is … — Timothy Gowers (@wtgowers) October 18, 2020 Here is a tweet from Tim Gowers  It … Continue reading

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Three games to cheer you up.

Here are three cool games prepared by students of my 2020 Game Theory class. Enjoy! (More games will come later. See this post for an earlier game.) Four-in -a-row with HEX board by: Daniella Drori, Margot Guetta, Eyal Magen and … Continue reading

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Cheerful Test Your Intuition (#45): Survey About Sisters and Brothers

You survey many many school children and ask each one: Do you have more brothers than sisters? or more sisters than brothers? or the same number? Then you separate the boys’s answers from the girls’s answers Which of the following … Continue reading

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