Three games to cheer you up.

Here are three cool games prepared by students of my 2020 Game Theory class. Enjoy! (More games will come later. See this post for an earlier game.)

Four-in -a-row with HEX board by: Daniella Drori, Margot Guetta, Eyal Magen and Aiden Platt

Playing 3-player coalition games by: Barak Aharoni and Boris Borshevsky

Network congestion simulation by Eyal Magen, Iddo Yadlin and Daniel Korat (Thread on twitter)

Update: If you find it easy to win in the Four-in -a-row with HEX board game challenge yourself: To force a win with m-in-a-row line, for m=5,6…? To force as many as possible winnings moves.

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