Good Codes papers are on the arXiv

Here are some links to the breakthrough papers about error correcting codes that I mentioned in this post. The results about locally testable codes with constant rate distance and locality was achieved independently in papers 1 and 2. 

1) Locally Testable Codes with constant rate, distance, and locality, Irit Dinur, Shai Evra, Ron Livne, Alexander Lubotzky, Shahar Mozes

And a Quanta Magazine article about it.

2) Asymptotically Good Quantum and Locally Testable Classical LDPC Codes,  Pavel Panteleev, Gleb Kalachev

This paper deals also with quantum codes (see this post). Pavel and Gleb  are also responsible (with Man-Hong Yung) to a recent breakthrough regarding classical simulations of random quantum circuits mentioned in this paper. (See this comment.)

Update (Jan. 8, 2022): And a Quanta Magazine article about it.

3) Balanced Product Quantum Codes, Nikolas P. Breuckmann, Jens N. Eberhardt

This paper described related constructions and posed some conjectures settled in 2.  

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