Combinatorial Theory is Born


A few hours ago the first issue of Combinatorial Theory was published. I am happy and proud to take part in this new endeavor. The editorial speaks for itself.

This is the first issue of our new journal, Combinatorial Theory. It is owned by mathematicians, dedicated to Diamond Open Access publishing with no fees for authors or readers, and committed to an inclusive view of the vibrant worldwide community in Combinatorics. The journal shares a similar scope with the long-running Journal of Combinatorial Theory Ser. A(JCT A), owned by Elsevier. In 2020, almost all of the editors of JCT A resigned, deciding that it was the time to found a premier Combinatorics journal owned by mathematicians, not by a commercial publisher. Thus was born Combinatorial Theory. That birth has allowed us to rethink how and what we publish. We are proud to have assembled a broad and diverse team of editors. We are also pleased with two new features in our editorial process: doubly-anonymous refereeing to mitigate implicit biases during peer review, and the inauguration of Expository Article submissions to encourage inclusion of valuable well-written expositions.

I also have warm feelings toward Journal of Combinatorial Theory Ser. A and the earlier Journal of Combinatorial Theory (before it split to Ser A and Ser B), which was among the first journals of combinatorics, had important role for the development of our field, and which is still running under new editors.

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3 Responses to Combinatorial Theory is Born

  1. kodlu says:

    Excellent news indeed.

  2. Congrats to the team at Combinatorial Theory!

    Unrelated news you might be interested in– Richard Stanley won the prestigious Steele Prize for Lifetime Achievement: 20 years ago he won the Steele Prize for Exposition for his famous two-volume “Enumerative Combinatorics” textbook.

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