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Ehud Friedgut: How many cubes of 2×2×2 fit into a box of size 8×4×3? (TYI 49)

This blog post is kindly written by Ehud Friedgut. My daughter, Shiri, who’s in seventh grade, had the following question in a math exam: How many cubes of 2×2×2 fit into a box of size 8×4×3? Shiri divided the volumes, … Continue reading

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Is HQCA Possible? A conversation with Michael Brooks

Here is a short email interview from April 2021 with Michael Brooks from “New Scientist”. Dear Professor Kalai, I’m writing a short feature for New Scientist magazine on the theme “Will we ever have a useful quantum computer?”. I’m aware … Continue reading

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To cheer you up in difficult times 35 combined with Test Your Intuition 48: Alef’s corner – Jazz and Math

Test your intuition: What is the true title of this drawing?

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