Past and Future Events

Quick announcements of past (recorded) and future events

1) Shachar Lovett was the Erdos Speaker for 2022 and his great talks are recorded. (Lecture 1, Tensor ranks and their applications lecture 2, The monomial structure of Boolean functions, lecture 3, Point location: an interface between geometry, machine learning and complexity.)

2) Two weeks ago there was a wonderful workshop in memory of Eli Goodman and Ricky Pollack The speakers were Andreas Holmsen, Micha Sharir (Tel Aviv University), Esther Ezra, Xavier Goaoc, Andrew Suk, and Sylvain Cappell. The lectures are recorded, here is the playlist on the computational geometry you tube channel.

3) This week I give the Hilldale Distinguished Lectures in Physical Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. (The link contains the zoom address.) The topic is quantum computing. Lecture I (Tuesday, May 10, 12:00 CST) is on The Argument Against Quantum Computers and lecture II (Thursday, May 12, 12:00 CST) is on Quantum Computers, Predictability and Free Will.  Text for lecture 2. And here is the text for my inaugural address for the Hungarian Academy of Science on The Quantum Computer – A Miracle or Mirage?

4) This year I also give the Turàn memorial lectures in Budapest. The first talk Discrete Geometry – When Combinatorics Meets Convexity was given by zoom and here is a link to the recording.  The two remaining talks, one devoted to probabilistic combinatorics and one devoted to extremal combinatorics will take place live (but in a hybrid setting) on June in Budapest.

5) The Simons Center at Berkeley celebrates on May 25-27 its 10th Anniversary Symposium (I plan to devote to it a special post).

6) Igor Pak gave the Vinberg lecture Combinatorial inequalities on Wednesday May 4. (This You Tube channel is devoted to Vinberg’s talks and I will add a link to Igor’s talk here when it will be available.)

7) Remote lectures open up new opportunities. This summer I was invited to give a lecture in Indonesia and last fall I gave a lecture at Lahore, Pakistan.


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