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ICM 2022 Virtual Program, Live events, and Dynamics Week in Jerusalem

ICM 2022 Next Tuesday, July 5 2022 will be the opening day of the International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM 2022) that, because of the war in Ukraine, will be fully virtual. Here is the link for the program for ICM … Continue reading

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Algorithmic Game Theory: Past, Present, and Future

Noam Nisan is 60 Today, June 26 2022, is the opening day of Algorithmic Game Theory: Past, Present, and Future, a workshop in honor of Noam Nisan’s 60th Birthday. The workshop takes place on June 26-30 2022, at the CS … Continue reading

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Richard Stanley: Enumerative and Algebraic Combinatorics in the1960’s and 1970’s

In his comment to the previous post by Igor Pak, Joe Malkevitch referred us to a wonderful paper by Richard Stanley on enumerative and algebraic combinatorics in the 1960’s and 1970’s. See also this post on Richard’s memories regarding the … Continue reading

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Igor Pak: How I chose Enumerative Combinatorics

Originally posted on Igor Pak's blog:
Apologies for not writing anything for awhile. After Feb 24, the math part of the “life and math” slogan lost a bit of relevance, while the actual events were stupefying to the point…

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