Algorithmic Game Theory: Past, Present, and Future

Noam Nisan is 60HMN

Today, June 26 2022, is the opening day of Algorithmic Game Theory: Past, Present, and Future, a workshop in honor of Noam Nisan’s 60th Birthday. The workshop takes place on June 26-30 2022, at the CS building at The  Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Noam is a long time friend and colleague and I am proud to say that I was his second year linear algebra TA in the late 70s.  Noam is also among the people that suggested to me to start a blog and he opened his own (now collective) blog a short time later. Congratulations, Noam!

Festive conferences also on the occasion of Hagit Attiya and Moni Naor’s birthdays

Two other legendary computer scientists of the same early 1960s vintage also had birthday conferences. 40 Years of Distributed Computing was a workshop celebrating Hagit Attiya’s 60th birthday, and there was a half-secret conference celebrating Moni Naor’s birthday that I could not find on the internet. Congratulations Hagit and Moni!

10 new members to the Israel Academy of Sciences and humanities

I was happy to learn last week (English) about ten newly elected members, five women and five men,  to the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities. Among them, Noam Nisan. Congratulations to all new members, and to the Israeli academy.

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  1. robertkhan397 says:

    As I read through this post on math, I can’t help but be amazed at all the fascinating details I’m learning. Each new fact makes me even more excited to learn more about this topic. You’ve written so well that I feel like I could actually understand math. now!

    I know there are other great resources out there for learning math, so I’m going to check them out now. But before I go, I just want to say thank you for sharing all of this information with us. It’s really helped me understand math in a whole new way.

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