To cheer you up in difficult times 36: The Immense Joy of Fake Reverse Parking


Fake reverse parking

Update: fake reverse parking is known already as the much debated “pull-through parking”. (Thanks to Gali Weinstein over Facebook for telling me about it.) It is also mentioned as #879 among a thousand awesome things by Neil Pasricha.

When I was young my mother Carmela Kalai told me: “Always remember, Gili,  how wonderful movies are and how happy I was to be born in the era of movies.” My father Hanoch Kalai told me: “Everything is interesting! Every subject, no matter how marginal and unimportant or boring it may look to you, Gil, when you study it in depth you will find it fascinating!”

One thing I tell my children is: “Remember the joy of fake reverse parking!”

Let me tell you in this post what fake reverse parking is:

Fake-reverse parking

The brief explanation is simple: when there are two (unoccupied) parking spaces, one after the other, you drive forward, pass one of the parking lots and locate your car in the second parking lot.

The general law about parking is this: forward parking is often easier than reverse parking but it is often harder afterwards to drive your car away. Reverse parking is harder than forward parking but later it is easier to get out and drive away. Fake reverse driving is easier than both and it is just as easy as ordinary reverse parking when it comes to leaving your parking place and driving away.


Ordinary reverse parking



Fake reverse parking

As you can see and feel by looking at the pictures, fake reverse parking is much easier than ordinary reverse parking and allows you to achieve the same results. As a matter of fact, fake reverse parking is even easier than ordinary forward parking.


Ordinary forward parking

Again, look at the three pictures above and witness for yourself how the pictures of ordinary reverse and ordinary forward parking can make you nervous, while the pictures of fake reverse parking evoke a calm and joyful mood!

Caution in parking is advised!

Like many other joyous activities, some warnings are in place. In any kind of parking, it is a mistake to park your car in a parking place which is already occupied by another car. For fake reverse parking make sure that there is no simultaneous attempt by another driver to park, using the ordinary reverse parking method inthe same parking space.

Fake-fake reverse parking?

One day I went with my youngest son Lior to some parking lot near Rehovot. (Here is a lovely post based on a question of Lior TYI38 Lior Kalai: Monty Hall Meets Survivor.) It was a large parking lot and it was completely empty.  When I parked my son asked me “why didn’t you opt for fake reverse parking?” “Well”, I said “what I did is actually a ‘fake-fake reverse parking’. Later, when the parking space fills up, people will assume that I made a fake-reverse parking. But this was too easy with no cars around so my parking was actually a ‘fake-fake-reverse parking’, aimed at giving a feeling of fake reverse parking, while in reality it is not”. Lior, thought about it for a minute and then said: “Daddy, this is complete nonsense! There is no such thing as a ‘fake-fake reverse parking’. What you did is a simple reverse parking!”

“Well”, I thought, “it is good that my children are skeptical about things I tell them, and shoot down incorrect or silly ideas that I raise.” Moreover, quickly dismissing my idea about a “fake-fake reverse parking” strengthens the value of my classic idea about the importance and joy in ordinary fake reverse parking. Still, I was somewhat sad that my novel idea of fake-fake reverse parking was shot down so quickly. Maybe it has some deep meaning after all?

an especially magical opportunity for fake reverse parking


My corner: To cheer you up in difficult times

(Added August 18, 2022): Since the beginning of the corona pandemic I had a corner on this blog “to cheer you up in difficult times”. I must admit that I tried to cheer my audience up with silly, funny, and educating stories earlier on, but since the beginning of the pandemic which largely represented difficult times for all humanity that was not caused by human malice, I thought that these attempts have special value. Now, with the war in Ukraine, I decided to go back to the previous format were the value of being cheered up is left to your own judgement. This post #36 to cheer you up in difficult times is the last one.

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2 Responses to To cheer you up in difficult times 36: The Immense Joy of Fake Reverse Parking

  1. Aspect says:

    “Everything is interesting! Every subject, no matter how marginal and unimportant or boring it may look to you, Gil, when you study it in depth you will find it fascinating!”

    This is genuinely valuable advice. Sounds like your parents were really cool people.

  2. Oisín says:

    “fake-fake reverse parking” — I think the closest we can get is to reverse park AND push through so it looks like you forward parked… It’s like playing on a harder difficulty mode!

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