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Remarkable: “Limitations of Linear Cross-Entropy as a Measure for Quantum Advantage,” by Xun Gao, Marcin Kalinowski, Chi-Ning Chou, Mikhail D. Lukin, Boaz Barak, and Soonwon Choi

In this post I would like to report about an important paper (posted Dec. 2021) by Xun Gao, Marcin Kalinowski, Chi-Ning Chou, Mikhail D. Lukin, Boaz Barak, and Soonwon Choi. (I am thankful to Xun Gao and  Boaz Barak for … Continue reading

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James Davies: Every finite colouring of the plane contains a monochromatic pair of points at an odd distance from each other.

Here is a lovely piece of news: the following paper by James Davies was posted on the arXive a few weeks ago. The paper uses spectral methods to settle an old question, posed in 1994, by Moshe Rosenfeld. (See this … Continue reading

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Bo’az Klartag and Joseph Lehec: The Slice Conjecture Up to Polylogarithmic Factor!

Bo’az Klartag (right) and Joseph Lehec (left) In December 2020, we reported on Yuansi Chen breakthrough result on Bourgain’s alicing problem and the Kannan Lovasz Simonovits conjecture. It is a pleasure to report on a further fantastic progress on these … Continue reading

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Alef’s Corner: “It won’t work, sorry”

Alef thanks Nicolas Curien for the triangulation. Click here for other posts with Alef’s art.

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Test Your intuition 51

Suppose that and are two compact convex sets in space. Suppose that contains . Now consider two quantities is the average volume of a simplex forms by four points in drawn uniformly at random. is the average volume of a … Continue reading

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The Google Supremacy Experiment: Data, Information, Discussions, and Three Questions.

Yosi Rinott, Tomer Shoham, and I  wrote a manuscript regarding our study of the Google 2019 supremacy experiment. This is still a draft and comments or corrections are most welcome. (The paper already incorporates a few comments by the Google … Continue reading

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