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The Trifference Problem

Originally posted on Anurag's Math Blog:
What is the largest possible size of a set of ternary strings of length , with the property that for any three distinct strings in , there is a position where they all…

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Greatest Hits 2015-2022, Part II

This is the second part of Greatest Hits 2015-2022, Part I. Here are popular and favorite posts published in 2019-2022. 2019 Supremacy and Sensitivity (and Sunflowers) Test your intuition 38 was contributed in March 2019 by my youngest son Lior. … Continue reading

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Greatest Hits 2015-2022, Part I

In February 2015 I wrote a post on the blog’s greatest hits in the first seven years, and its time to write a similar post for the eight years that followed. Quick updates: In recent months I took part in … Continue reading

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