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  1. Dear Gil Kalai,

    My name is Ron and I am an undergraduate Economics major. I recently launched a Kickstarter Campaign for a small invention I came up with while solving my math homework. It’s called CoordiMate.

    CoordiMate is a self inking, quick drying, a pocket size graph stamp that coordinates seamlessly with any standard graphing paper and fits easily in most pencil cases.

    CoordiMate came to life through hard work and dedication of the line designers and engineers with fellow students in mind. It’s a practical tool that, in my opinion, can simplify one tedious task in the daily routine of math students.

    As mentioned, we are currently raising funds in order fully maximize the awareness among math students around the world.

    We view your blog as a great platform for us to get the support of the math community. We would like to take this opportunity to ask of you to take a minute to check out our Kickstarter profile and perhaps share our idea on your blog.

    Below is a link to our Kickstarter Campaign-

    Thank you for your support!

    The Coordimate Team

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