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Faces of Simple 4 Polytopes

In the conference celebrating Klee and Grünbaum’s mathematics at Seattle Günter Ziegler proposed the following bold conjecture about 4 polytopes. Conjecture: A simple 4-polytope with facets has at most a linear number (in )  two dimensional faces which are not 4-gons! If the polytope … Continue reading

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IPAM Workshop – Efficiency of the Simplex Method: Quo vadis Hirsch conjecture?

  Workshop at IPAM: January 18 – 21, 2011 Here is the link to the IPAM conference. 

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The Polynomial Hirsch Conjecture: The Crux of the Matter.

 Consider t disjoint families of subsets of {1,2,…,n}, .   Suppose that (*) For every , and every and , there is  which contains .  The basic question is: How large can t  be???   Let’s call the answer f(n).   … Continue reading

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“A Counterexample to the Hirsch Conjecture,” is Now Out

  Francisco (Paco) Santos’s paper “A Counterexample to the Hirsch Conjecture” is now out:  For some further information and links to the media see also this page. Here is a link to a TV interview. Abstract: The Hirsch Conjecture (1957) … Continue reading

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Test Your Intuition (12): Perturbing a Polytope

Let P be a d-dimensional convex polytope. Can we always perturb the vertices of P moving them to points with rational coordinates without changing the combinatorial structure of P? In order words, you require that a set of vertices whose … Continue reading

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Francisco Santos Disproves the Hirsch Conjecture

A title and an abstract for the conference “100 Years in Seattle: the mathematics of Klee and Grünbaum” drew a special attention: Title: “A counter-example to the Hirsch conjecture” Author: Francisco Santos, Universidad de Cantabria Abstract:  I have been in … Continue reading

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Plans for polymath3

Polymath3 is planned to study the polynomial Hirsch conjecture. In order not to conflict with Tim Gowers’s next polymath project which I suppose will start around January, I propose that we will start polymath3 in mid April 2010. I plan to write a … Continue reading

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Why are Planar Graphs so Exceptional

Harrison Brown asked the problem “Why are planar graphs  so exceptional” over mathoverflow, and I was happy to read it since it is a problem I have often thought about over the years, as I am sure have  many combinatorialsists and graph … Continue reading

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The Polynomial Hirsch Conjecture: Discussion Thread, Continued

Here is a  link for the just-posted paper Diameter of Polyhedra: The Limits of Abstraction by Freidrich Eisenbrand, Nicolai Hahnle,  Sasha Razborov, and Thomas Rothvoss. And here is a link to the paper  by Sandeep Koranne and Anand Kulkarni “The d-step Conjecture is Almost true”  – … Continue reading

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(Eran Nevo) The g-Conjecture III: Algebraic Shifting

This is the third in a series of posts by Eran Nevo on the g-conjecture. Eran’s first post was devoted to the combinatorics of the g-conjecture and was followed by a further post by me on the origin of the g-conjecture. … Continue reading

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