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Mathematics Professor Trying To Teach at Junior High School

Mathematical education and the role of mathematicians in mathematical education is a very important, loaded, and controversial subject. An old friend and fellow combinatorialist Ron Aharoni tried to teach mathematics at a junior high school. Here is Ron’s account of the experience as reported in Haaretz (English, Hebrew).

I admire Ron’s bold initiative and candid account of the experience.

Among Ron’s other endeavors:    The recent startling proof (with Eli Berger) of the Menger theorem for infinite graphs,  The study of topological methods in hypergraph matching theory, a book about mathematics and poetry (Hebrew), a forthcoming book about (or against) philosophy, and much activity in mathematics education including his book Arithmetic for Parents.

Comments and links about mathematical education in general and the role of mathematicians in mathematical education for children are most welcome.

Happy New Year, everybody!

From the Haaretz article:

“No one prepared me for what happened,” Continue reading