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To cheer you up in difficult times 18: Beautiful drawings by Neta Kalai for my book: “Gina Says”

In 2009 I wrote a book “Gina Says” that appeared here on the blog, about the adventures of “Gina” in the blogsphere. In 2017 the book (edited and shortened a little) appeared in “world scientific.” The most important additions were … Continue reading

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Anat Lotan: Who is Gina II, My Own Shocking Revelation

Who’s Gina? (Part 2): My Own Shocking Revelation By: Anat Lotan It was one of those typically hot Israeli end-of-August days; a scorching summer morning, where you have to convince yourself that the cool breezes of autumn are just around … Continue reading

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Anat Lotan: Who is Gina I

  Several people asked me to explain who is Gina, the hero of my book “Gina says:  Adventures in the Blogosphere String War.” There was a chapter written by Anat Lotan about who Gina is.  And in view of the … Continue reading

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Chomskian Linguistics

Here is another little chapterette from my book. It follows a chapter based on discussions that followed a post by David Corfield from n-Category Cafe. There, the following thought was raised: Is there something analogous to Chomsy’s theory of language’s structure and language … Continue reading

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How to Debate Beauty

   Who is the most beautiful queen of cards? Opinions vary.  From Gina Says part 2 How to debate Beauty [cosmic variance. Gina Says: May 10th, 2007 at 6:18 am ] The issue of beauty and physics is quite prominent … Continue reading

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Gina Says Part two

Download the second part of my book “Gina Says.” Link to the post with the first part.       “Gina Says,” Adventures in the Blogosphere String War selected and edited by Gil Kalai   Praise for “Gina Says”    After having … Continue reading

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Praise For ‘Gina says’

Praise for: ” ‘Gina Says,’ Adventures in the Blogsphere String War (Below the dividing line:  Greg Kuperberg, Scott Aaronson, Clifford Johnson, Peter Woit, Motty Perry, Caterina Calsamiglia, Yuval Peres, Eva Illouz, and (right from the comment section)  Luca Trevisan, Thomas … Continue reading

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My Book: “Gina Says,” Adventures in the Blogosphere String War

Update (November 2017): I received an advanced copy. How exciting! Update (October 2017): The much changed version of the book with beautiful drawing by my daughter Neta Kalai is soon to appear in print. It is published by World Scientific. Here … Continue reading

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