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Ladies and Gentlemen, Stan Wagon: TYI 32 – A Cake Problem.

The following post was kindly contributed by Stan Wagon. Stan (Wikipedea) is famous for his books, papers, snow-sculptures, and square-wheels bicycles (see picture below) !     A round cake has icing on the top but not the bottom. Cut out a … Continue reading

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Combinatorics and More – Greatest Hits

Combinatorics and More’s Greatest Hits First Month Combinatorics, Mathematics, Academics, Polemics, … Helly’s Theorem, “Hypertrees”, and Strange Enumeration I (There were 3 follow up posts:) Extremal Combinatorics I: Extremal Problems on Set Systems (There were 4 follow up posts II ; III; IV; VI) Drachmas Rationality, Economics and … Continue reading

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Dorit Aharonov’s on TEDx: A Feldenkrais lesson for the beginner scientist

Here is a lovely lecture starting with quantum computers, going through the Feldenkrais method, and ending with a mathematical puzzle. Click on the picture for the video of the talk. Here are Dorit’s four body-mind principles for learning: 1. Start … Continue reading

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Baggage Claim or Baggage Reclaim

Visiting London, Cambridge and the very interesting 2010 British Colloquium in Theoretical Computer Science at Edinburgh was splendid! More later. But a poll is called for. How to call the area to collect your baggage: “Baggage reclaim” or “Baggage claim”? … Continue reading

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Banknotes with Pictures of Mathematicians

Are you aware of any? (current ones? old ones?)

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The Generation Gap

  Which is larger, the generation gap between you and your perents or the generation gap between you and your children?

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Just So

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A Proposal Regarding Gilad Shalit

Since an agreement for the release of Gilad Shalit in exchange for the release of Hamas prisoners could not be reached, I propose to initiate negotiations (perhaps with Egyptian help) on the improvement of Gilad Shalit’s captivity conditions. In return … Continue reading

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Colloquium at Berlin

I arrived to Berlin for a short visit to give a colloquium talk at the new BMS on Helly-type theorems, and to participate in the Ph. D. committee of  Ronald Wotzlaw. (Update: Dr. Ronald Wotzlaw.) Here is an abstract for the … Continue reading

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