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Noga Alon and Udi Hrushovski won the 2022 Shaw Prize

Noga Alon, yesterday at TAU, with his long-time collaborators and former students Michael Krivelevich and Benny Sudakov (left) Udi Hrushovski (right) Heartfelt congratulations to Noga Alon and to Ehud (Udi) Hrushovski for winning the 2022 Shaw Prize in Mathematical Sciences! … Continue reading

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Mathematical news to cheer you up

1.  Anna Kiesenhofer, a PhD mathematician researching PDEs at Ecole Polytechnique Federale Lausanne (EPFL), won the gold medal in the women’s bicycle road race at the Olympics. Here are two trivia question: a) Which hero of a recent post over … Continue reading

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Petra! Jordan!

Last week we had a lovely small workshop in Eilat organized by Nathan Rubin, and as possible since the peace agreement of 1994 between Israel and Jordan, we visited Jordan for one day and saw the spectacular ancient city of … Continue reading

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Thinking about the people of Wuhan and China

My thoughts are with the people of China who are at the forefront of the struggle with the coronavirus outbreak.

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Three Pictures

With Tolya (Anatoly) Vershik, Saint Petersburg, 2003 Peter Frankl and Voita (Vojtěch)  Rödl, NYC, summer 1986 (or 1987). This post mentions the Frankl-Rödl theorem. Jeroen Zuiddam at IAS, a few days ago. (See this post) We just moved to a … Continue reading

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Combinatorics and More – Greatest Hits

Combinatorics and More’s Greatest Hits First Month Combinatorics, Mathematics, Academics, Polemics, … Helly’s Theorem, “Hypertrees”, and Strange Enumeration I (There were 3 follow up posts:) Extremal Combinatorics I: Extremal Problems on Set Systems (There were 4 follow up posts II ; III; IV; VI) Drachmas Rationality, Economics and … Continue reading

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Dorit Aharonov’s on TEDx: A Feldenkrais lesson for the beginner scientist

Here is a lovely lecture starting with quantum computers, going through the Feldenkrais method, and ending with a mathematical puzzle. Click on the picture for the video of the talk. Here are Dorit’s four body-mind principles for learning: 1. Start … Continue reading

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Baggage Claim or Baggage Reclaim

Visiting London, Cambridge and the very interesting 2010 British Colloquium in Theoretical Computer Science at Edinburgh was splendid! More later. But a poll is called for. How to call the area to collect your baggage: “Baggage reclaim” or “Baggage claim”? … Continue reading

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Banknotes with Pictures of Mathematicians

Are you aware of any? (current ones? old ones?)

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