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Alef’s Corner: Democracy (Israel, 2023)

Democracy in Hebrew is דמוקרטיה represented by the letter “dalet” ד  

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Absolutely Sensational Morning News – Zander Kelley and Raghu Meka proved Behrend-type bounds for 3APs

What is the density of a subset of that guarantees that contains a 3-term arithmetic progression? And, more generally, if the density of is what is the minimum number of 3-terms AP that contains? These problems and the more general … Continue reading

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Ordinary computers can beat Google’s quantum computer after all

Science magazine has an article written by Adrian Cho Ordinary computers can beat Google’s quantum computer after all. It is about the remarkable progress in classical simulations of sampling task like those sampling tasks that led to the 2019 Google’s … Continue reading

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ICM 2022 Virtual Program, Live events, and Dynamics Week in Jerusalem

ICM 2022 Next Tuesday, July 5 2022 will be the opening day of the International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM 2022) that, because of the war in Ukraine, will be fully virtual. Here is the link for the program for ICM … Continue reading

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Algorithmic Game Theory: Past, Present, and Future

Noam Nisan is 60 Today, June 26 2022, is the opening day of Algorithmic Game Theory: Past, Present, and Future, a workshop in honor of Noam Nisan’s 60th Birthday. The workshop takes place on June 26-30 2022, at the CS … Continue reading

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Reflections: On the Occasion of Ron Adin’s and Yuval Roichman’s Birthdays, and FPSAC 2021

Two hybrid conferences, Bar-Ilan University:Monday, January 10,2022 10:00-16:00 (Israel time) Reflections: On the occasion of Ron Adin’s and Yuval Roichman’s 60th Birthdays. FPSAC 2021 Starting  Monday, January 10,2022 16:30 (Israel time). Ending Thursday, January 20, 2022.

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Combinatorial Theory is Born

A few hours ago the first issue of Combinatorial Theory was published. I am happy and proud to take part in this new endeavor. The editorial speaks for itself. This is the first issue of our new journal, Combinatorial Theory. … Continue reading

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The Logarithmic Minkowski Problem

The logarithmic origin of Manhattan We are spending the fall semester in NYC at NYU and yesterday* I went to lunch with two old friends Deane Yang and Gaoyong Zhang. They told me about the logarithmic Minkowski problem, presented in the … Continue reading

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Face to face talks and recorded videotaped introductions

Many face to face activities are now resuming. Last week I took part in a great conference on high dimensional expanders at the Simons Foundation, I recently gave real life talks with large audiences also in U. Chicago and Rutgers, … Continue reading

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Mathematical news to cheer you up

1.  Anna Kiesenhofer, a PhD mathematician researching PDEs at Ecole Polytechnique Federale Lausanne (EPFL), won the gold medal in the women’s bicycle road race at the Olympics. Here are two trivia question: a) Which hero of a recent post over … Continue reading

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