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To Cheer You Up in Difficult Times 31: Federico Ardila’s Four Axioms for Cultivating Diversity

Todos Cuentan (Everybody counts) In a beautiful NAMS 2016 article Todos Cuentan: Cultivating Diversity in Combinatorics, Federico Ardila put forward four thoughtful axioms which became a useful foundation for Ardila’s own educational and outreach efforts, and were offered as a pressing … Continue reading

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Alef’s corner: Mathematical research

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To Cheer You Up in Difficult Times 28: Math On the Beach (Alef’s Corner)

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To cheer you up in difficult times 27: A major recent “Lean” proof verification

“Lean is a functional programming language that makes it easy to write correct and maintainable code. You can also use Lean as an interactive theorem prover.” (See Lean’s homepage and see here for an introduction to lean.) Kevin Buzzard’s blog … Continue reading

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To cheer you up in difficult times 23: the original hand-written slides of Terry Tao’s 2015 Einstein Lecture in Jerusalem

In 2015 Terry Tao gave the Einstein lecture of the Israeli Academy for Science and Humanities. We got hold of the original signed hand-written slides of Terry’s lecture and we are happy to share them with you. The title of … Continue reading

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The probabilistic proof that 2^400-593 is a prime: a revolutionary new type of mathematical proof, or not a proof at all?

Avi Wigderson gave a great CS colloquium talk at HUJI on Monday (a real auditorium talk with an audience of about 200 people). The title of the talk was The Value of Errors in Proofs – a fascinating journey from … Continue reading

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Meeting Michael H. at Rio

After many years, to cheer you up in these difficult times, another story in our corner “taxi and other stories”.  Meeting Michael H. at Rio In my early years I used to guess how people looked by their names. I … Continue reading

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What is mathematics (or at least, how it feels)

(I suppose that this amazing picture can serve as a metaphor also for life, for science, for human rights, for happiness and for a variety of other things.) Picture: AFP Suez Canal: the Ever Green ship blockage.

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Thomas Vidick: What it is that we do

Originally posted on MyCQstate:
This post is a follow-up on some somewhat off-hand comments that I made earlier regarding the notion of truth in a “proof-based” discipline such as pure mathematics or theoretical computer science. Since the former is easier…

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Peter Cameron: Doing research

Originally posted on Peter Cameron's Blog:
Probably every research mathematician has been asked the question, “How do you do mathematical research?” Some lay people think we simply figure out ways of doing bigger and bigger long multiplications. Many more…

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